Always stay safe when you are online. Never give out your name, address or personal details to a stranger. 

The internet is just like the real world – nice people use the internet, but some nasty people do too.

It’s important that you are nice and kind when you use the computer to talk to people. Even if you can’t see someone, things you write might still upset them.

If anyone is nasty to you or makes you unhappy – you must tell a grown up so that they can help you and make the person stop.

Click on the link below to find out more about staying safe online.

If you are worried about bullying online, or anywhere else, you can always speak to any adult in school or at home, or you can speak to someone online at Childline. Follow the link below to get the Childline website.

OTHER USEFUL LINKS: CBBC Stay SafeHector’s World CartoonsKidsmart

Click on this image to access the CEOP website if you want to report a concern.