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At Christ Church Academy we complete our PHSE lesson in a session called ‘Time for Change’

These sessions are taught weekly and allow the children to access a range of aspects from the PHSE curriculum;

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PHSE) is a school curriculum subject in England, which focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep children and Young People healthy and safe to prepare them for life and work.

Each week in class children will learn in these lessons about being sensible with their money (Our lifesavers scheme) they will learn about sustainability and world issues such as climate change and take part in projects with our partnership with Re-Think food

They will be discussing and understanding British values such as democracy, individual liberty, Mutual respect and tolerance and diversity and the rule of Law. They also develop and understanding of E-safety and safety in the community through our work with the West Yorkshire Police.

The children across the school have been put into ‘Time for Change’ house groups. These house groups were all named after an influential person whom they will study at different stages in the Curriculum these houses are Attenborough, Anning, Pankurst and Stephenson. The children are given the opportunity to learn more about their house leader during these sessions and within this time are encouraged to earn Dojo points for their house throughout the year.

In response to our changing society and the impact of the Internet, Government have introduced statutory Relationship Education to Primary Schools, these lessons are not new and have been delivered in good Primary Schools since the last guidance in 2000, however some of the content has now been updated to help keep children safer.

To teach these sessions within our PHSE/RSE Curriculum we engage the support of the specialist organisation Big Talk Education, who are a Social Enterprise recognised by national leading bodies and government. Once a year Big Talk Education deliver high quality sessions to all the children in CCA and offer additional support and materials to our parents on this subject.

Below is a link to our RSE policy:

RSE Policy 2021