Here at Christ Church Academy, we take attendance very seriously. We strongly believe that to allow your child to thrive in school, both academically and socially, they should be attending school every day.

Absence can have a negative impact on your child as they can find it difficult to maintain friendships. Our lessons are taught so that knowledge and skills are built up over time. If a child misses part of a unit, they can feel disadvantaged and confused.

It is the schools expectation that pupils attendance should be above 95%.  Please note that holidays during term time will not be authorised other than for religious observations.

The safeguarding of our children is paramount, and as part of our commitment to the children of Christ Church Academy, we aim to ensure that each child is accounted for on every school day. We place great emphasis on communication with parents. If your child is going to be absent, the school office must be notified before 9.00am.

 If you would like more information on Attendance, please contact the school office who will be more than happy to help.