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We want our pupils to understand that they have a crucial role to play in making our school a fantastic place to learn. Our pupil roles are intended to give pupils a voice and opportunities to lead in key areas of the school’s day to day life. This gives children opportunities to feel their own worth, to be leaders in our community and to flourish, living life in all it’s fullness.

School council

Two members of each class are elected at the start of each school year to be representatives in the school council. Every fortnight, the children meet to discuss matters raised by their classes. In the week that follows, they hold a class council where they feedback to their classmates and also ask if there is anything else they would like them to raise at the next meeting. We are very proud of how our school councilors challenge themselves and others to believe that they can make our school the best that it can be. They are encouraged to show their Wisdom, compassion and hope in all the decisions that they make to serve our school


Worship Council

Our school council has helped us to set up a worship council. Our worship councilors help to lead collective worship at our school. They help to make our worship and reflection spaces special. They help teachers during collective worship and they plan and deliver collective worship to the whole school. Our school council felt that it was important that any pupil who wanted to, should have an opportunity to lead worship  so our worship councilors are volunteers. There are two volunteers from each class and these change each half term. Our worship councilors help us to strengthen our understanding of our place within our school community and demonstrate their understanding of the importance of service to others in the work that they do.