Nursery long Term Plan 20/21

Welcome to Christ Church Academy Nursery. 

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Welcome spring  Term 2


This half term our topic is Weather

Welcome back to Spring Term 2

This half term we are going to be learning about the weather, seasons and exploring the changes that are happening outside in the nursery garden.

This is a lovely time of year to see lots of different kinds of weather, from sunny days, to rain, cold, to warm and then snowy days too. So we will be looking at all the changes happening in the garden, from buds growing on the trees, Spring flowers starting to peep through the soil, how some of the days will be getting a little warmer.  We will be discussing the changes we see and why the changes happen, we will be learning about the 4 seasons and what they are.

We are going to be learning new songs about the topic. We are going to be making weather symbols, experimenting with things that are warm and cold and how this makes us feel.  We will look at the different kinds of clothes we wear in cold and hot weather. The children will be investigating ice, waterproof and not waterproof things, how to stay warm and how to keep cool.

We are going to be reading lots of stories too about the weather and lots of other topics as our children love to listen during story time, and love all the different books we read.




Outdoor Area Of Provision

We use out outdoor areas in all weathers so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately.  We go outside even in the cold and rain as the outdoor area is an extension of our classroom, and invaluable to our learning.

The children will been using the bikes and scooters to continue their gross motor development and climbing and balancing on the Nursery equipment, writing with chalks outside and drawing on the large boards. the children particularly like den building and have made some very interesting structures.

Using the mud kitchen to dig, pour and mix and this can get very messy at times.  As the weather is getting colder please ensure the children are appropriately dressed for the weather, ensuring names are in hats and gloves etc .                                                 .

We will be working on all of the children becoming independent learners, they need to practice putting on and fastening their own coats, taking shoes and wellies on and off. Hanging up coats and bags on their pegs. You can encourage your child to do this at home.

Indoor Areas of Provision

The areas of provision change each half term to support the learning taking place. We follow the children’s interests to make sure they are engaged in the activities and encourage the children to use them independently, supporting when needed learning opportunities.

The older children will be beginning to focus more on pencil control and writing their names, forming the letters in their names correctly, and with more independence. We count every day and are counting up to 15 and beyond, recognizing numbers up to 5 and above and also shape recognition. This can also be reinforced at home by counting with your child regularly and helping them to hold a pencil with the correct grip and encouraging them to form the letters in their names correctly, and pointing out shapes in the environment.

You can also see some of the things the children are doing and keep in touch with me through class dojo.

We also have  Facebook page which also has lots of information about the school with all the information about what is happening from day to day.

Mrs Gallagher