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Welcome to CCA Reception Class

Miss Robinson – Reception Teacher
Miss Tait – Teaching assistant
Miss Millar – 1:1

Your class teacher is Miss Robinson.  Your Teaching Assistants are Miss Tait and Miss Millar. .

We are both here to help you and your children as they settle in, work through the Reception year and become confident learners.

We have a Big Question in each class. Our Big Question is;

How can I be a positive member of my class?

See more below…

This is what our classroom looks like…
…and some of the things we do

Our PE day is Friday.

Children need to come to school in their PE kit on this day. Josh is our PE coach and the children thoroughly enjoy his lessons.

The children learn to negotiate spaces, move in different ways and follow instructions whilst having lots of fun.

Our class prayer time

Our Christian ethos is developed through our class prayer space, our class prayers and the Christian values we teach throughout school alongside our positive learning behaviours.

Reading in Reception

Children can choose a story in our cosy story corner. We read stories to children all the time and our planning has a strong link to the stories we will be using. Our story Hut is used to bring stories to life.

We teach reading through Read Write Inc. This is a systematic programme for learning letter sounds. Children are taught the skills needed for blending the sounds together to make words.

Fred the frog teaches us to Fred Talk the words.

Twenty minute sessions occur daily and children fully participate which helps them to make swift progress.

Elmer Day

The children celebrated colour on Elmer Day. They came to school dressed in their favourite colours and we had an Elmer parade. We read the Elmer stories help us to learn how we are all different.

This is what we learn in Reception

Our long term plan shows how learning through school is a continuation. Each year group will build on the prior learning from the year before. In reception we build on the skills and knowledge learnt in nursery. Our big question…

How can I be a positive member of my class?

…helps the children to:

  • play and work co-operatively together
  • help, support and care for each other
  • look after the environments around them
  • develop the skills needed for future learning
  • build on the skills already learn

Reception Long term Plan

Click on the link to see what we teach term by term over the year and how it reflects the new

Knowledge organisers

These are our knowledge organisers. They break down the learning to explicitly show what we expect children to learn each half term…

Knowledge Organisers are sent home to parents each half term to inform parents of our topics and to suggest ideas for learning at home.

This learning happens all year round

Outdoor Learning

We like to spend a lot of our time outdoors. The children learn about the natural world, observing similarities and differences and they learn to care about living things.

Children describe what they hear, see and feel whilst outside. They have the freedom to build and move around without the restrictions of being indoors.

Useful Information

  • Children can choose to be indoors or outdoors throughout the day. It is important that they always bring a coat so that they can play out when they want to.
  • Please ensure that all clothing is named.
  • Be prepared – children will take part in some messy activities. We do provide aprons but sometimes clothes do get dirty.
  • Children can go to the toilet as and when they need to go, but accidents do sometimes happen- we have spare clothes for such incidents. (any donations of knickers and undies would be welcomed)
  • All children have their own coat peg and drawer. Please encourage your child to find their own peg by looking for their name and then they will know where to find their coat when they need it.
  • Children can put any work to go home in their drawer, to collect at the end of the day.