Welcome to Year Two!

Meet the team


  Miss Mitchell-Class Teacher              Miss Patterson-Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Year 2


Last term was very different than normal so the year 2 team are very excited to have all of our new class back.

Online learning tools for year 2 if you would like to do something extra in the holidays, weekends or after school.



Spelling shed (message Miss Mitchell on ClassDojo for login): https://www.spellingshed.com/

MyMaths (message Miss Mitchell if you need your login): https://login.mymaths.co.uk/login

EPIC Reading (check out our class story on dojo for our classes login details) : https://www.getepic.com/app/



As the end of the school year draws near, some children may need support navigating their emotions through all these changes. This book gave me a little peace so I wanted you all to feel the same. Please head onto EPIC and on assignments I have set you this special book on mindfulness:
Read yourself: https://www.getepic.com/app/read/59486
Listen to it read by the author: https://www.getepic.com/app/read/63989


Wellbeing in Year 2


We will be using circle times and our class story time to reflect and understand how we are feeling.

Our class novel is ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers


“Our world can be a bewildering place, especially if you’ve only just got here. Your head will be filled with questions, so let’s explore what makes our planet and how we live on it. From land and sky, to people and time, these notes can be your guide and start you on your journey”.



Take a look at a week in Year 2

We use Class Dojo in Year 2! This means parents can see what we are up to in class on our story, send messages to me and see on a daily basis how their child is doing via a daily report.
Last year I had 100% of parents using Dojo so hopefully everyone will download the app this year! ClassDojo! https://www.classdojo.com/onehundred/

The children will get a Dojo point every time they do something impressive at school.
We use Class Dojo in Year 2 and all our parents are connected via the app. This allows our families to be fully involved in everything that happens in Year 2. The children are proud of their achievements and want to share these with their families via the app.
The children in Year 2 are not just working really hard in their lessons this term but we are doing lots of extra activities to learn important skills. The children use sign language to answer the register. Children in Year 2 are given responsible jobs to help our classroom community for example taking the register, handing out the snack and milk, sharpening pencils and much more.

Our Provision Area 

In KS1 this year we are making full use of our shared area by having continuous provision every afternoon. The children will be investigating and taking initiative as they self-regulate their learning in the shared area. There will be plenty of opportunities for children to enhance their skills while covering vital elements of the national curriculum. The children in KS1 have been making great use of our continuous provision time on afternoons. Each area has a different focus with varying challenges to give the children ideas of how to develop their curriculum learning.

We also have a water and sand area inspired by our theme of Explorers thinking about the ocean.

What we have been up to so far….

Reading in KS1

Reading is hugely important in Year 2 and the children should be doing it at least 4 times a week if not every night. From September children in Year 1 and Year 2 will be working towards achieving their own reading collector badge. It is expected that every child reads at least four times a week at home and has their reading log signed each time. If you read four times a week and have your reading log signed at home by the end of the week you will receive a sticker for your individual badge. Collector badges are a great way for pupils to save their mini sticker rewards: They can attach the badge to their uniform and wear their collection with pride. Children’s badges will be displayed on a pin board in the classroom. Only when the badge is full does the child get to wear it with pride before getting a new colour badge on the pin board.

Our reading area in the KS1 provision area is always a popular place to get lost in a book.


Our first week winners….

Click here for our KS1 Reading information letter: Reading at Home 1


Fantastic progress in writing!


Below are some fantastic examples of the work year 2 did last year and the amazing progress the children have made in only one year!!
Below is what a child last year did at the start of year 2 and then at the end.
What fantastic progress!!

Start of Year 2

End of Year 2


We will be working on key texts this term for example Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers in Autumn 1 and then in Autumn 2 we will be reading The Night Dragon.


To help all children achieve we use tailored scaffolds  to help the children.


This term we will be recapping learning from Year 1 and also looking at Year 2 Place Value work.

Number of the day

Every morning to improve our fluency and number facts we do number of the day.

Here is a picture from one of year 2’s maths books from last year to show our expectations for this coming year.


How have people harnessed the power of the elements?

We are beginning our year in Year 2 following on from work in Year 1, the idea is that across KS1 learning is built on and embedded into long term memory. The children will be focusing on how in history significant individuals have influenced events in the past. We study Captain Cook asking the question ‘What is an explorer?’ this involves a lot of our history and geography learning.

Click here for Year 2 Topic Knowledge Organiser- Topic Knowledge Organiser


Properties of materials

In science we will be learning all about materials and their properties.

Click here for Year 2 Science Knowledge Organiser: Knowledge Organiser Autumn Properties of materials

Religious Education

Who made the world?

Click here for Year 2 R.E Knowledge Organiser: Knowledge Organiser Autumn R.E pdf

Art and Design

We have a knowledge organiser which shows what we are learning throughout the year in art and design.

Knowledge Organiser ART


Across school we use Charanga music. This in a practical sense develops the children’s musical ability and enjoyment in music.

Knowledge Organiser MUSIC


Our PE sessions will be on a Thursday afternoon. We are going to be doing gymnastics this term all under the theme ‘under the sea’. We are using our bodies to create balances that look like sea creatures, developing our understanding of four types of roll and creating short sequenced gymastics routines. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit in school on Thursday so they can take part. 


We use cross-curricular links to develop skills in computing and ICT.


A homework task for maths and spelling will be sent out each week on a Monday, this is expected to be returned on the Friday of the same week. This homework is so important especially because year 2 is an important SATs year. The children need to be practicing as much as possible.

Home Reading

Children should bring their home reading books in every MONDAY, these will be left for 72 hours (following risk assessment) and then children will be given a new book every WEDNESDAY. Reading books are sent home every day and we would really appreciate parents signing the reading log every night after you have heard your child read. Parents help with homework is extremely valuable as it will provide your child with the best support alongside the teaching in class.

Base Groups

The children will continue in their BASE group from Year 1. It is important that they are green in all areas to contribute to the success of their group. The children can collect Dojo points for their team by displaying green behaviours. 

Daily circle times

Visual Timetable