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Welcome to Year 4

Class teacher: Mrs Conroy
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Haigh

Mrs Amy Conroy – Assistant Head- Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Haigh – Year 4 TA

We have a Big Question in each class. Our Big Question is;

Are we stronger if we are together?

We will discuss this question together throughout the year whilst working to see if we can link our own work with working together. In Year 4, we want to start being more independent with our work alongside helping our learning partners and peers when they need help.

Our classroom

In year 4 the children are encourage to work at the tables independently or in groups. They have access throughout the day to the reading corner and the quiet reflection space. We also have the ability to work outside the classroom in the KS2 shared area – which has a large range of reading books and classroom space for group intervention work.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday

Children need to come to school in their PE kit on these days. Our HLTA Mrs Jeffery is teaching our PE lessons this year. In the first term we are studying Invasions games and gymnastics and Dance

Class prayer

The children in year 4 have helped to write their own prayer this year.



In Maths in year 4 we use White rose maths materials to support our curriculum. In the first term we will be focusing on Shape, Place Value, Addition and subtraction and Multiplication and Division. Each lesson we allocate time to practice key skills (KIRFS) such as counting and times tables. Within each lesson the children are given the chance to practice a skill with fluency questions and then stretched further with reasoning challenges.

In Year 4 the children take the National Times table test as set by the DFE. The children are expected to know their times tables to 12 x table. We spend time each week practicing these both in and outside of maths lessons. You can help your child further with this by logging

them on to their Times table Rockstar accounts at home.


In English lessons in year 4 we use a key text to help us focus on and understand the key grammatical concepts within the curriculum. In the Autumn term, Year 4 will be reading the story of Beowulf.

Children are given the chance within a unit of English to understand the text and its features, then learn and practice the grammar within the year 4 curriculum and then put this into practice with independent writing that is edited and published.

In Reading Skills lessons children will read a range of texts, focusing on understanding the vocabulary and comprehension skills they need to fully understand different types of text.


In RE our starter question for the year is “What is it like to follow God?”. We will look at different stories from the Bible which demonstrate how different people have listened to God and what it was like for them. Alongside this we will discuss what it is like for us as a school and a community to follow God and what it means.


History & Geography

What did the Vikings bring to Anglo Saxon Britain?

The Vikings came to Britain looking for new items t steal and trade. They wanted land that they could take and claim as their own. The benefits of owning England had flat land and easy farming. This made life easier than in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The children in year 4 will be exploring the life of the people in this time including their religious beliefs,

their approach to crime and punishment as well as their general lifestyle and its contributions to Britain. Mrs Parker is our History/Geography Leader within school and as a result has a wealth of knowledge to help immerse the children within this subject



In Year 4, we learn the Ukulele!! Along with Mr Dow teaching, we have a teacher from Bradford Music Service who comes in on a Tuesday to teach our class how to play different songs and introduce us to different types on music.


In Science this Autumn term Year 4 will be studying the unit of Animals including humans and understanding how animals live and adapt within their habitats. The children will both study the unit and also have the chance to investigate scientific enquiries during this too.



In computing in the Autumn Term the children will be covering two units designed to help them become more confident with digital technology. In the first Autumn half term we will be covering the unit ‘ We are software developers’ in which pupils plan, create, develop and test their own educational game for a target audience. In Autumn 2 the children will cover ‘We are Makers’ unit in which the pupils write and test their own micro:bit project, after analysing and modifying others.