Admissions to Reception Class

All children in Bradford are admitted into Reception Class in the academic year in which they are five. All children begin school in September.

In the November before your child starts school, an application pack containing an APS1 (Application) form will be available from Bradford Council. This form gives you the opportunity to name five schools you would like your child to attend, in preference order. The application form needs to be completed and returned to the authority by the beginning of January. Parents will be informed about places during the April before the children start school.

Christ Church Academy has an admission limit of 30 and all applications for admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority and not by the school. If there are more requests than places available then priority is given to children whose family is connected to a Christian Church,  then siblings of children already attending the school and finally to those children living nearest to the school. Further details about admissions can be obtained from the Local Authority (Pupil Access) on 01274 385607 or please see the link below to Bradford Local Authority Admissions Webpage which details the process for applications.



Admissions Policy 2020-21


Admission to other year groups

Please contact Bradford Local Authority Admissions on  01274 648490 to apply for a place.

In year Admissions

If your circumstances change during the school year and you would like to apply for a place at our school then you should contact the school office on 01274 410349 or Bradford Local Authority Admissions on  01274 648490.

We will get in touch with you to book an appointment for you to complete the necessary paperwork. At this appointment, we will provide you with information about the school, uniform etc.

You will also be provided with a start date, which is normally the following week.


Admission of a child with a disability

Children who have exceptional social or medical needs, supported by a written recommendation from the child’s paediatrician/consultant or professional from Children’s Services. The letter must explain why the school is the only suitable school to meet the child’s needs and why no other school could provide the appropriate support for the child. We follow government and Bradford Council for all admissions including those of children with disabilities.


Admission Arrangements for Secondary Schools

The application process starts in September when children are in Year 6. Online applications are strongly encouraged; as long as you have an email address you can do this.

Guidance is available on the Bradford Council Website, which you can access by clicking here.

For further information on our school admissions, please contact Admissions on  01274 648490.

Please contact Mrs Ackroyd or Mrs Best in the School Office on 01274 410349 if you need further information. We will be happy to help.