EYFS LTP for  18-19

Welcome to Christ Church Academy Nursery

Meet the Nursery team

Mrs GallagherClass teacher              Miss Crabtree                    

Please contact any of the team if you have any questions.

If you are interested in a place at our Nursery please contact the school on 01274 410349 and ask for Leanne.

This half term

Welcome to Summer Term2

This half tem is very busy with lots of interesting things going on in Nursery.  Our topic is Living and Growing , so we will be planting seeds and observing how they grow.  The children have soil in a tray so they can plant their own seeds, and understand about some of the things we need to live and grow.  We have been working very hard on our counting, we all now to start counting at one and we are becoming very confident counting to 10 and some children can count to 20 securely, and recognise some of the numbers.

Lots of children are now writing their names and are able to write some numbers.



Outdoor Areas of Provision

We use out outdoor areas in all weathers so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately.  The children will be looking at the changes happening due to the weather, we have been observing the new buds and leaves growing on the trees now that the weather is getting warmer.  We have loved observing the lady bugs in the garden and spring flowers popping up.

The children will been using the bikes and scooters to continue their gross motor development and climbing and balancing on the Nursery equipment, writing with chalks outside and drawing on the large boards.

 Indoor  Areas of

The areas of provision change each half term to support the learning taking place. We follow the children’s interests to make sure they are engaged in the activities and encourage the children to use them independently, supporting when needed learning opportunities.

The older children will be beginning to focus on pencil control and writing their names. We count every day and are counting up to 10 and beyond, recognizing numbers up to 5 and above and also shape recognition. This can also be reinforced at home by counting with your child regularly and helping them to hold a pencil with the correct grip and encouraging them to form the letters in their names correctly.