EYFS LTP for 17-18

Welcome to Reception Class

Meet the Reception Class Team

Miss LeaClass Teacher    Mrs Carr- Teaching Assistant   Mrs England- Teaching Assistant


What will we be learning about this half term?

I can’t believe the school year is coming to an end, only a few weeks to go to make that last push towards the Early Learning Goal! It has been wonderful to see how each and every child has grown into independent confident learners. This half term your child shall have a transition day up into year 1, further details about this shall follow.

This half term our main topic is ‘mini-beasts’ as we were showing a lot of interest in them towards the end of last half term, digging for worms and all sorts of creatures! We shall continue to learn about growth of both plants and animals. We had a busy last half term with tadpoles and chicks so we shall be getting our butterflies this half term and hopefully observe our tadpoles change into frogs by the end of the school year! Towards the end of the term, when the weather is a little warmer, we shall be taking part in sports day and learning about exercise and how to take part in being in a team.

Personal, Social and Emotional

There is always lots of opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings as we have a daily circle time. We shall have time to talk about year 1, what are the children looking forward to, how are they feeling? Circle time ensures that children and adults make opportunities to listen to each other and explain their actions.

Communication, Listening and Attention

Circle time ensures that children and adults make opportunities to listen to each other and explain their actions.

A new topic always provides opportunities to learn new vocabulary, which shall be based around mini-beasts and growing. Such as chrysalis, cocoon, life cycle, photosynthesis and name parts of plants.

Physical Development

P.E is a highlight of the children’s week! Please ensure you have a P.E kit for your child so they can take part every week. Towards the end of the term we shall practice some sports day activities ready for the day!

Having strong fine motor skills is key to forming good recognisable letters and being comfortable when writing, therefore there shall be lots of opportunity for your child to engage in ‘finger gym’ activities.


Thank you for reading daily with your child, please keep this up as it is making a noticeable difference in their learning!

The books we shall enjoy this half term shall reflect the children’s interests but also have a meaningful moral to the story such as sharing, being yourself and developing relationships, all of which shall contribute to being year 1 ready. We will discuss characters, identify basic elements in the stories and retell and sequence the story. We shall look at a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books to help us learn more interesting facts about mini-beasts so we can make our very own class fact book!



This half term is about consolidating everything we have learnt and applying it, so we shall be revisiting lots of mathematical areas over the weeks. Many children have been showing interest in number bonds to ten so we shall be working out some number problems too.

Shape, Space and Measure

We shall be measuring in capacity, length, weight and time and building up our mathematical vocabulary around this. Sports day will provide opportunity for us to make our own assault course and time ourselves completing it using a stop watch.


It would be great if you could use this information to help out at home. We can work together in helping your child learn. Please use the website www.topmarks.com and www.phonicslay.com here you’ll fine numerous games to do which shall help consolidate what your child has already learnt.


If you have any questions or concerns, please catch a member of staff to speak to in the classroom or arrange a meeting.