What will we be learning about this half term?

This half term our topic question is ‘How can I be the best I can be?’ as our main focus will be about how to stay healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. We shall be focussing on three core books over the term to help us explore this question. They will offer us many opportunities to discuss ways to stay healthy and compare healthy and unhealthy choices. It also ties in nicely with sports day which reception children will be taking part in with the rest of the school and it shall also provide us with lots of opportunities to taste new foods, healthy and un-healthy!

I can’t believe its our last term before the holidays and life in Year One begins! I am so proud of how well everyone has done this year so far and thank you for supporting your child in their learning at home through reading and maths homework.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Listening and attention, understanding and speaking.

The children are always exploring, finding out new things and developing their vocabulary on a daily basis and our new topics and themes will always introduce new vocabulary in this way. By reading daily as a class and one to one it enables lots of opportunities to discuss characters and story lines, predict and evaluate outcomes and build up our vocabulary.

We are doing so well in our Read, Write Inc program and flying through the sounds! Please continue to practice and sight read the tricky words such as no, go, the, to, he, she, said etc to enable reading to flow better and writing to be more accurate when writing sentences. I can tell many of you have been practicing them, keep it up! This half term we will be continuing to focus on sentence writing, and making sure we can all read our own writing back to ourselves to check it is correct and makes sense.


Physical Development

Moving and handling, health and self-care.

P.E is every Wednesday morning. Please ensure your child has a complete P.E kit and it is clearly labelled. A white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps is all that is required. If you could bring your child’s P.E kit in and leave it in school, it can then be taken home and washed every half term.



We are making great progress in our maths! What a great set of mathematicians we are! This half term we shall be focussing on money and identifying the coins in our money system and looking at ways we can make up given amounts using the correct coins. Over the weeks we shall be recapping different areas of maths that we have already learnt, depending on what we need to brush up on!

Shape, Space and Measure

We shall also be developing our understanding of time and building up our language when discussing the order of the day and identifying times on the clock e.g. 9am, 12pm, 6pm and what we do around these times.


Please help out at home by visiting the website www.topmarks.co.uk or through everyday activities using words such as yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, night and structuring the day through time.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any queries or questions.

Many Thanks,

Miss Lea– Class Teacher             Miss Bellwood– Teaching Assistant

Our class toy, Peter Rabbit, shall continue to be passed around the children and go home at weekends with the star of the week. It has been great to see that Peter has enjoyed all his adventures so far!