Welcome to Reception Class

Meet the Reception Class Team 

Charlotte Lea             Katie Bellwood               Rebecca Millar

Miss LeaClass Teacher   Miss Bellwood – Teaching Assistant             Miss Millar – Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Reception.

What will we be learning about in Summer half term?

This half term we will be looking at lots of growing and planting as well as looking at the lifecycle of butterflies. We are lucky to be getting our very own caterpillars to look after and watch them grow into beautiful butterflies. Once they have fully developed they will be released in to their habitat.

Our core book this half term will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar, it offers many opportunities to talk about growth and learn about time and how it can be measured in days and months. As always we will be following the children’s interests and it is always exciting to see where that may lead.

IMG_6564Personal, Social and Emotional

During this summer term children develop so much, and become more capable and confident in all areas of learning. It has been wonderful to see how each individual child has developed and grown in the past few months.

Communication, Language and Literacy

It is really exciting to see how much the children have developed in both their reading and writing. Keep up the hard work and remember to read every day, as it really does make a huge impact on learning, not just in reading and writing either! We will be reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books over the weeks, about the growth and life cycle of butterflies and how to look after plants.


Physical Development

We all love doing P.E every Wednesday morning, I think its their highlight of the week! So please ensure your child has a P.E kit consisting of a white t-shirt, black shorts/leggings and pumps/trainers.



The progress children are making is fantastic, we make sure that we count every single day. Maths is delivered in fun and practical ways. We do it every morning, therefore it is key that your child comes in to school on time so they don’t miss this input.

This half term we shall be focusing on identifying and writing all numbers to 20 correctly and recapping on what we have learnt about adding and subtracting and finding number bonds to 10. We shall also be learning to count in tens, fives and twos.


Shape, Space and Measure

We shall be using everyday language to talk about time and sequence everyday events. We will be using money in provision and identifying coins in our money system. We will also be comparing weights and experimenting with different capacities, learning the language to describe the differences.

Many children are interested in playing games. As well as being great for developing specific maths skills they also help to develop social and turn-taking skills as well as listening and following instructions. We will try and introduce a new maths game on a weekly basis, maybe challenging them to make up their own game!

It would be great if could use this information to help out at home, for example letting them pay with the coins at the shops or counting pairs of socks from the washing in twos. We can work together in helping your child learn.


Learning outside is as important as learning in the indoor provision. Please ensure that your child is wearing appropriate clothes. We shall be going on another woodland walk this half term and comparing the two walks, observing the trees, the surroundings and weather as we come into summer, a letter will be sent out beforehand but all children will need appropriate clothing.

We aim to be outside in all weather conditions and experiment and explore with activities that the outdoors can offer. Wellies and raincoats are part of our school uniform, therefore we would like for you to provide your child with both of these and to keep the wellies at school to ensure they can get involved with outdoor learning. Our woodland mud kitchen offers many exciting opportunities to develop skills and explore new textures, but it does mean that some clothes may get messy- please appreciate this type of investigative and imaginative play, we will try our best to ensure children are dressed appropriately in protective clothing.