Welcome to Reception

Autumn 2 Term 2019


Your Reception teacher is Mrs Goodall

You will also meet….

Mrs Holdsworth

Mrs Broadbent





We are all here to help and welcome you and to ensure your experience in Reception is the best it can be. Please speak to any of our staff if you have any questions or worries.

Useful Information

  • Children can choose to be indoors or outdoors throughout the day. It is important that they always bring a coat so that they can play out when they want to.

  • Please ensure that all clothing is named.

  • Be prepared – children will take part in some messy activities. We do provide aprons but sometimes clothes do get dirty.

  • Children can go to the toilet as and when they need to go, but accidents do sometimes happen- we have spare clothes for such incidents.

  • (any donations of knickers and undies would be welcomed)

All children have their own coat peg and drawer. Please encourage your child to find their peg by looking for their name and then they will know where to find their coat when they need it. This half-term we are encouraging all children to put on and  fasten their own coats. You can help at home by encouraging children to dress and undress independently.

Children can put any work to go home in their drawer, to collect at the end of the day.

What will children learn?

The children are still learning to look after the classroom putting things back in the correct place when they have used them. They are getting more used to finding labels to help with this. Tidying is important and we teach the children that it is every ones job. If we all work together it does not take as long.


In reception the children need to be able to recognise and write numbers to 20. The children have been looking closely at numbers to 10 and we will continue in Autumn 2 looking at numbers beyond 10.Now we will be talking about 2 digit numbers and teen numbers. The children will start to think about 1 more and 1 less


The children will do lots of counting using objects and pictures and also as a class, through songs. They will count the number of children who are here everyday and start to imagine bigger numbers

The children will be learning to name and describe 2d shapes this half term.

Literacy, Communication and Language

The children will learn about animals we see in the cold weather, both at home and in other parts of the world. They will use stories and non-fiction books to discover what it is like in the North and South Pole and what types of animals live there. We will also discover how Global warming is affecting these parts of the world.

Learning to Read

Thank you to the parents who are hearing children read every day. Lots of children have been collecting bookmarks as a way of rewarding their efforts. The children are becoming more confident readers using the pictures to help them work out what is happening in the story. They are really getting to know the characters too.



The children have learnt lots of letter sounds already and they are starting to use them to read and write simple words such as cat and sun. The children use Freddy fingers to Fred talk the words they want to read or write. This helps them to hear all the sounds in the word. Freddy the frog sits on their shoulder to help them as they practise.