What will we be learning about this half term?

We have had an excellent start to the school year and it is lovely to see that we have all has settled really well into class and our routines. We also got the best attendance for one week throughout the whole school, which is fantastic; please keep up your hard work! Well done everyone!
Our topic this term is Light and Dark. This topic is based on the changes we are seeing around us, it enables us to comment on the differences we see overtime in the lead up to Christmas.
Our core book this half term is called Iris and Isaac by Catherine Rayner, opening up many opportunities to discuss friendship and the importance of sharing, to learn about the habitat of polar bears and other arctic animals and explore the properties of snow and ice and how it changes.
This will lead up nicely to the Christmas period which will involve many arts and crafts and opportunities to explore, imagine and learn, not forgetting Nativity practice which shall be starting very soon!

Personal, Social and Emotional

Over the coming weeks we shall be focussing on friendship and the importance of sharing, as this links well with our book Iris and Isaac. We shall also be sharing our own thoughts and feelings on a regularbasis to build up self-confidence and self-awareness.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Story time, circle time and learning through play on a daily basis offer many opportunities to develop listening and attention skills, speaking and understanding. This time of year will enable children to develop and build on their imagination and exploration skills, which is key to becoming a confident learner!

Physical Development

P.E will continue to be every Wednesday morning. It is a very popular lesson in class so lease make sure your child has their kit so they can take part. Please make sure all kit is clearly labelled and I recommend that you take the kit home at the end of every half term instead of weekly just to make sure it’s there every week.


Thank you for reading daily with your child, it is very important to keep this up as it enables your child to develop in many areas of learning. Please continue to bring in the reading log and sign to show you have read at home on a daily basis. Please note that your child’s reading book shall be changed twice a week, however the day it is changed shall vary. You will also now have a library book that shall be changed weekly, every Monday. Please make sure you keep this book safe so it can be swapped with another one.

The children have got off to a strong start with learning their sounds through Read Write Inc phonics. Now we are doing phonics on a daily basis your child will soon begin to bring home word books and use their skills learnt to decode and blend words.



We are continuing to recognise and order numbers 1-20 and will be learning one more and one less of a given number. We will be comparing amounts and discuss more and less, ensuring we learn the mathematical language. This will develop into adding and combining groups. Maths shall be learnt in fun and practical ways through singing songs, reading books, exploring the surrounding environment and playing games.

Shape, Space and Measure

We will sing new songs such as days of the week/months of the year to help us identify and order them. We will be creating patterns out of familiar objects and 2D shapes, making our own fireworks/snowflakes and getting creative with different media and materials.


If you want to help at home please visit the following sites and select early years, there are plenty of games on here! www.topmarks.co.uk www.phonicsplay.co.uk There will be homework available every week for you to complete if you wish. Please place it in the tray provided by the end of the week. Thank you.

Let’s get crafty!

We shall be having an arts and crafts day towards Christmas time and we’d like you to get involved! There will be a variety of Christmas crafts and decorations to make with your child and opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit! Further information about this shall follow in due course.

Our class toy, Peter Rabbit, shall continue to be passed around the children and go home at weekends with the star of the week. It has been great to see that Peter has enjoyed all his adventures so far!

If you have any questions or concerns, please catch a member of staff to speak to in the classroom or arrange a meeting.