Welcome to Reception

Autumn 1 term 2019


Your Reception teacher is Mrs Goodall

You will also meet….

Mrs Holdsworth

Mrs Broadbent





We are all here to help and welcome you and ensure the transition into your new class is a smooth and happy one.

Useful Information

  • Children can choose to be indoors or outdoors throughout the day. It is important that they always bring a coat so that they can play out when they want to.

  • Please ensure that all clothing is named.

  • Be prepared – children will take part in some messy activities. We do provide aprons but sometimes clothes do get dirty.

  • Children can go to the toilet as and when they need to go, but accidents do sometimes happen- we have spare clothes for such incidents.

  • (any donations of knickers and undies would be welcomed)

All children now have their own coat peg and drawer. Please encourage your child to find their peg by looking for their name and then they will know where to find their coat when they need it.

They can put any work to go home in their drawer, to collect at the end of the day.

What will children learn?

We will begin the year by teaching children the new routine and allowing them to get used to their surroundings. The children will learn to look after their classroom and tidy up independently.

All the things in the classroom are labelled so children will quickly learn where things belong.


In reception the children need to be able to recognise and write numbers to 20. We will start by looking carefully at numbers to 10 and we will choose a number to learn about each week so that the children really understand its value.

The children will do lots of counting using objects and pictures and also as a class, through songs.

The children will be learning about shape and colour this half term.

Literacy, Communication and Language

The children will be listening to lots of stories and will start to develop a love for books and reading. We encourage parents to read stories with their child as much as possible and especially at bedtime.

We have a book lending service which is in the entrance to reception and parents can help themselves to these library books.

This term we will be using the story of Elmer to help us with our colour names.



Learning to Read

The children will all get a reading book to read at home. We ask that parents listen to their child read every day and complete their reading log. Books will be changed twice a week.



In reception the children will start to learn the letter sounds and begin to blend the sounds together to read and say words. At Christchurch we do this through Read Write Inc. This is a system for teaching the sounds and it will be taught everyday. Fred the frog is a soft toy that we use to help the children as they fred talk the words.

The children will tell you which letter sounds they have learnt as they go along.