Welcome to Reception Class

Meet the Reception Class Team 

Miss LeaClass Teacher   Miss Bellwood – Teaching Assistant    Mrs Carr- Teaching Assistant   Mrs England- Teaching Assistant


What will we be learning about this half term?

Our main topic this half term is ‘Dinosaurs’ as the children have shown a lot of interest in this subject area and we have got off to a flying start with it! We will find out the answers to all our questions about dinosaurs and learn lots of new vocabulary. This topic shall go alongside the theme of spring time and Easter as these two things are just around the corner therefore providing us with lots of opportunity to learn about the world around us and our traditions (and of course there shall be an exciting Easter egg hunt… that’s if the bunny pays us a visit!)

Personal, Social and Emotional

We are continuing to work on taking steps to resolve conflicts with other children without aggression and by finding a compromise. The school rules and behaviour expectations are always set and modelled so children know what is expected of them. We have plenty of opportunity for children to work and play together and to cooperate. Our home corner shall be changing into a museum which will provide a lot of exciting new ways to explore our imagination and engage our role play skills!

Communication, Language and Literacy

Story time, circle time and learning through play offer many opportunities to develop our listening and attention skills, speaking and understanding. The children are always exploring, finding out new things and developing their vocabulary on a daily basis and our new topics and themes will always introduce new vocabulary in this way. Our daily story time enables children to anticipate what might happen next and ask appropriate questions, please ensure you are also having daily story time at home too!

Physical Development

P.E is every Wednesday morning. Please ensure your child has a complete P.E kit and it is clearly labeled. A white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps is all that is required. If you could bring your child’s P.E kit in and leave it in school, it can then be taken home and washed every half term.


It is fantastic to see the children’s development and progress that they are all making in their reading and writing. This half term we are working on writing words that match our spoken sounds and using some of the set 2 sounds we are learning in RWI and building and writing simple sentences. Please continue to bring in the reading log and sign to show you have read at home on a daily basis. I am pleased to see the children are enjoying their library books, please bring in this every week so it can be changed. It is very important that you read every day with your child. You could help your child to learn at home by asking them to write the shopping list, labelling pictures they may draw, writing birthday cards and giving them opportunities to write every day. The children enjoy playing Obb and Bob on a website called phonicsplay.co.uk, this is a reading game.



We are making great progress in our maths and will continue to use our maths knowledge and use the skills we have learnt daily. This half term we shall be learning how to solve mathematical problems based on our topic e.g. there are 8 dinosaur eggs, only 5 hatch, how many haven’t hatched? We shall also carry on to learn to count in twos, grouping socks together and making pairs. If you want to help at home please visit the following site and select early years, there are plenty of games on here! www.topmarks.co.uk

Shape, Space and Measure

Our main focus is on naming and describing 3d shapes using the correct mathematical names. We shall also be focusing on using the correct language of size/measure to compare different sized dinosaurs/eggs and amounts. Our weekly baking also provides lots of talk and discussion on number, weight/amounts and measure.



One of the lovely traditions of Easter is eating lots of tasty delicious chocolate treats, so Reception will be holding a bake sale towards the end of March. We shall bake in class during the week and build up lots of tasty bakes to sell. Of course we invite you to bring in any baking from home as your contributions would be very welcome to have on our bake sale.

Further information about this shall follow in due course.


If you have any questions or concerns, please catch a member of staff to speak to in the classroom or arrange a meeting.