Welcome to Year 1          Spring 2 Term

Meet the Team



Mrs Goodall – Class Teacher.                   Miss Millar – Teaching Assistant                Mrs Brooksbank Reading Volunteer  

Spring is on the way! Welcome to Spring 2 

 Useful Class Information

PE  Our PE day is Tuesday. All children need a PE kit in school – It helps if all items and pump bags are named



Reading books are sent home everyday and we ask parents to sign the reading log every night when you have heard your child read. We appreciate parents help with reading and it has proven that it helps children to make more rapid progress with their reading.

Mr Sloth

year-1-web-015Mr Sloth is our class teddy. He chooses 1 child to come home with every Friday and we ask them to look after him for the weekend. They also need to record their time with him in his special book.

Base Groups

The children may talk to you about this. Base groups happen on Friday morning. The children will now belong to a group(Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald or Topaz) where they will have opportunities to discuss their behaviour, attendance, smartness and effort each week. Children who stay green all term will obtain a good to be green badge to wear.


We ask that any money which is to be  handed in to school is in a named envelope.You can then give it to staff on the door at the start of the school day.

Please ask school staff if there is anything else you need to know. We are always happy to help.


In literacy this term we will start by using some traditional tales that we know well. The children will take part in role play activities where they will act out the different roles. The stories will link with our science topic on plants. We will grow beans just like Jack, in Jack and the Beanstalk and we will plant turnip seeds and hope to grow an enormous turnip, just like the one in the story. The children will pick up on the refrains in these well known tales and be able to join in with the story telling. Later on in the term we will learn to write a report using the facts we have learnt about Easter.


In maths this term the children will learn about measuring. We will learn how to measure objects for weight, height, length and capacity. You can help at home by talk about the weight of things you find in the kitchen and when you are baking. The children will measure each other and use rulers to measure objects they find in the classroom.They will make potions using coloured water and practice measuring the liquids using measuring cylinders.

We also learn how to measure time using our time squad watches and the class clock. In year 1 children need to be able to tell the time to the hour and the half past.


Our science topic this term is plants

The children will learn about the life cycles of different plants. They will plant seeds in the classroom and observe the growing process. They will also plant vegetables in our vegetable garden. In previous years we have had a lot of success with our potatoes and beans. The children will learn to name different parts of a plant and find out what it needs to make it grow.


Our RE topic this term is

New Beginnings and Easter

The children will learn how new beginnings can happen to all of us in different ways and at different times. We will learn about new life in spring time and discuss the new plants we see growing in our gardens as well as the new wildlife that is being created.

We will talk about personal new beginnings ….

when we start a new school

when a new baby is born in our family

when we move house

when we start a new class

For Easter we will learn about the Easter story and we will celebrate with an Easter Bake off, an Easter egg hunt and an Easter Bonnet Parade.

A newsletter with dates will follow.


This term our topic is How to stay healthy

We will learn what we need to do to keep our bodies fit and well. We will have a visit from our school nurse who will talk to us about hygiene and how important it is that we….

keep ourselves clean,


eat the correct foods and drinks

get plenty of sleep

We will learn how to look after our minds and our bodies including our teeth.

We will also find out how to make sure we keep ourselves safe around medicines and tablets.

We will name different parts of our bodies and find out what different parts of our bodies do. In PE we will learn exercise programmes which we can practice at home.