Welcome to Year Two!

Meet the team


  Miss Mitchell-Class Teacher              Miss Patterson-Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Year 2


The children in Year 2 are not just working really hard in their lessons this term but we are doing lots of extra activities to learn important skills. The children use sign language to answer the register. Children in Year 2 are given responsible jobs to help our classroom community for example taking the register, handing out the snack and milk, sharpening pencils and much more.


Exciting events coming up:


Thursday 22nd March 2018


The RNLi are coming in to do an interactive workshop in Year 2. The children will learn all about the amazing and life saving work that the RNLi do. This will link to our health and well being as well as our science units of work.

Friday 23rd March 2018


RSPB visit to Christ Church Academy! Year 2 have another brilliant opportunity with the RSPB educational outreach programme.

The scheme is funded by Aldi and is all about providing outreach projects connecting children with the natural world. This day hugely links to the pupils science work about habitats as well as topic which is all to do with plants.

The children will be taking part in two activities the first is designed to help your pupils map and score our school grounds for nature – identifying habitats that already exist and spotting opportunities for creating more.


The second is called Bioblitz in which pupils hunt for plants and minibeasts under every rock, bush and doormat.


PE –Our PE sessions will be on a Tuesday. We are going to be doing athletics this half term.




A homework task for maths and spelling will be sent out each week on a Friday, this is expected to be returned the following Thursday. These tasks will link to what we have been doing in class that week.


The children will be entered into my homework prize draw when they bring in their homework. They will get a raffle ticket in the prize draw on Friday. You have to be in it to win it! Please do your homework every week.


Reading books are sent home every day and we would really appreciate parents signing the reading log every night after you have heard your child read. Parents help with homework is extremely valuable as it will provide your child with the best support alongside the teaching in class.


Base Groups

The children will continue in their BASE group from Year 1. It is important that they are green in all areas to contribute to the success of their group. The children can collect BASE points for their team by displaying green behaviours. A new special BASE point has also been introduced this year






In literacy we will be doing all about the book Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymon Briggs. The children will be getting involved in a Bogeyman hunt to engage and inspire creative ideas. The children will be writing their own story about a monster after being inspired by Fungus the Bogeyman.



Religious Education.

 In R.E this term we are learning all about the Easter story which links to our science work about spring and new life. The children will understand why Easter important and show what they have learnt non chorological report on the traditions of Easter



Our topic this term is geography and learning about foods from around the world. The children will be researching using iPads foods from around the world. We will the have a foods from around the world tasting challenge, researching which the children believe is the tastiest. The children will then write a report to support their opinion. The end of the unit will be celebrated by Year 2 opening their own world café and inviting year 1 to come.



This half term we will be recapping all the maths we have already done to get us prepared and SATs ready. Children will be practicing elements that they are specifically finding challenging.