Welcome to Year Two!

Meet the team


  Miss Mitchell-Class Teacher              Miss Patterson-Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Year 2


The children in Year 2 are not just working really hard in their lessons this term but we are doing lots of extra activities to learn important skills. The children use sign language to answer the register. Children in Year 2 are given responsible jobs to help our classroom community for example taking the register, handing out the snack and milk, sharpening pencils and much more.


Exciting events coming up:


Trip to Tropical World


The children are doing all about animal adaptations in Science which fits in perfectly with this trip to Tropical World. This also links to the children’s literacy work about animal journeys. The children are very excited about meeting the Meerkats!



Growing our own Butterflies


As part of our science, topic and English work we will be growing butterflies in Year 2!


PE –Our PE sessions will be on a Tuesday. We are going to be doing athletics this half term.



A homework task for maths and spelling will be sent out each week on a Friday, this is expected to be returned the following Thursday. This homework is so important on the lead up to SATs since the children need to be practicing as much as possible.


The children will be entered into my homework prize draw when they bring in their homework. They will get a raffle ticket in the prize draw on Friday. You have to be in it to win it! Please do your homework every week.


Reading books are sent home every day and we would really appreciate parents signing the reading log every night after you have heard your child read. Parents help with homework is extremely valuable as it will provide your child with the best support alongside the teaching in class.


Base Groups

The children will continue in their BASE group from Year 1. It is important that they are green in all areas to contribute to the success of their group. The children can collect BASE points for their team by displaying green behaviours. A new special BASE point has also been introduced this year



In literacy we will be doing all about the Sandpipers to start looking at the Pixar movie entitled Piper all about Sanderlings, a bird that lives on the beaches in the UK and Scotland. The children are using this as a hook for writing a report all about Sandpipers using their research. The children are preparing for some big moderated pieces of writing this half term.


 Religious Education


This term we are doing about precious things of our own and the precious tings associated with the church.  



In Topic we are doing all about animal adaptations and looking particularly at butterflies. Our book in English in weeks 3-6 is called ‘Amazing Animal Journeys’ and in the book it tells us about the amazing journey the Monarch Butterfly take when the migrate for summer. The children will be looking after and growing their own caterpillars into butterflies and then setting them free when they are fully grown. The children will be writing reports about how to look after the butterflies and writing reports about how to best care for them. This also links to our trip to Triopical World where we will see plenty more exotic creatures.




This half term we will be recapping all the maths we have already done to get us prepared and SATs ready. Children will be practicing elements that they are specifically finding challenging working in groups of six on specific areas they have GAPs in.  The SATs are this half term, for the first two weeks in May.