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Edible Garden

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits, and can be enjoyed by everyone. People with disabilities, older people and children can find it especially rewarding to spend time in the garden tending plants and growing their own food. With some planning and thought, you can create an interesting, productive and pleasant space that can be used as an edible garden.

An edible garden is a garden that contains flowers, herbs, seeds, berries and plants that you can eat. It does not have to be large. Your garden can start small with a few pots and containers, or even just a window box with a few herbs.

Benefits of growing an edible garden

Research shows that gardening is a healthy activity. Working in the garden provides benefits that include:

  • enjoyment – from the physical activity
  • exercise – physical activity improves your endurance, strength, mobility and flexibility
  • relaxation – helps you relax and reduce stress levels
  • fresh food – provides you and your family with a healthy source of inexpensive fresh food
  • appreciation of food growing – provides an understanding of foods and their origin.