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The ARK is a new provision, which has been set up to work with pupils who need more support with both learning and behaviour. The Ark compliments the work that is done in class and across the school as a whole and removes barriers to learning so pupils are able to succeed. Pupils are initially timetabled in the ARK with a view of reintegrating back into class once behaviour has been modified.


Our aim is to create a safe and stimulating learning environment where staff can teach and pupils can learn. Positive relationships between staff and pupils are the prerequisite for sustainable improved behaviour. The ARK will use a variety of strategies to increase self-esteem and promote good behaviour.


Parent and Pupil Feedback


“It is brilliant, he has come on loads. Strategies he has learnt at school have helped him at home, he is much calmer” Parent


“The school have time for him and help him. I would recommend this school to anyone” Parent


“There should be more schools like this in Bradford” Parent


“There is a massive difference in him now, he is calmer. Before everyone was about to give up on him and now he has good relationships” Parent


“When I started in Ark it changed everything, I like school now” Pupil


“He is a lot happier at home and enjoys coming to school now, we should have brought him here sooner” Parent