Welcome to the Ark

Meet The Team

Mr Marsh 

Lead Teacher


Teaching Assistants







     Mrs Clarke             Miss Taylor                 Ms Melony 


A Welcome to the Ark at Christ Church Academy from Mr Marsh, Mrs Clarke,  Miss Taylor and Ms Melony !

We are a small specialist unit that work with pupils who have additional SEMH needs to nurture and foster positive relationships with Staff and other pupils to enable them to succeed and cope with the demands of a busy school life. Sometimes children need extra support to help them learn, make friends and grow into confident individuals and Ark is there to help this process happen.

Ark is an additional resource to our Pastoral provision and works closely with our nurture hub with some pupils accessing a full time place and others attending class and/or nurture.

Children in Ark follow the same curriculum as children in a mainstream class but are taught in small groups with a therapeutic teaching approach. Like nurture this is done through a carefully structured curriculum and learning experiences linked to the National Curriculum incorporating practical activities revolving around speaking, listening, cooperation, sharing feelings, coupled with  developing self-confidence and self-esteem, to feel secure about themselves. This allows them to take responsibility and exercise independence, which in turn develops self-motivation and a sense of well-being.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Marsh on 01274 410349.


General Notices:

P.E is on a Monday morning. Please can your child bring PE kit.

Homework is set each Friday and will need to be returned the following Tuesday.


This year we will be introducing ClassDojos to Ark.  ClassDojos are points that students can collect during the school day. For example; achieving something great in their learning, following instructions or  listening really well.

Last Year 100% of parents across the school used ClassDojos so hopefully everyone will download the app this year! http://www.classdojo.com/onehundred/


Our Learning Journey this Term.