Welcome to Year 5: a place to thrive!


Meet the Team

Miss Redgrave                                  Mrs Smith

  miss-s-redgrave-teacherCarrie Smith


Welcome to Year 5

We hope that you will join us on our exciting learning journey this year and enjoy our updates.


Year 5 is an amazing year at Christ Church Academy. We face the challenge of preparing for our SAT exams in Year 6 and building the foundation for a transition to secondary school

We approach all of these challenges with a positive ’CAN DO ‘attitude and see all our hard work rewarded at the end of the year.

Please support us by reading with your child every night, practising their passport maths skills and undertaking homework tasks.

Read your child’s report card and ask them about ‘being green’ and ensure they have their PE kit.


Come into school and visit, we will be holding parent/student art activities this year




This term will begin by exploring the exciting world of Alice in Wonderland. We will use the settings and characters to create our own character profiles and write our own exciting story.


We will begin by studying place value.This will include:reading and writing numbers up to 10,000,000; ordering and rounding and understanding the value of digits within numbers including decimals.

We will then study onto addition and subtraction incorporating arithmetic and problem solving. We will apply our calculation knowledge to reasoning solving a variety of problems and puzzles.

It is vital the children learn their times tables before they begin Year 6 so please keep practising these at home and encourage your child to do as much maths facts passport homework as possible.

We aim to have every child confident with all written methods before they start Year 6 and knowing all of these key facts will help them succeed in Year 6.


We will begin the year with Chemistry. We will focus on the 3 states of matter and how they can be altered and manipulated. This will develop the children’s ability to predict, record and plan various aspects of experiments focusing on factors which need controlling.

Art and Design

Year 5 will be create Art from around the world from Chinese willow patterns to American pop art.

Religious Education 

The children will study Hinduism this term. They will understand the meanings and beliefs underpinning this religion and research various aspects of the Hindu faith.


Physical Education

We will be learning how to successfully participate in team games such as Bench Ball. We will practise our ball skills focusing on passing and intercepting. We will as allows focus on good sportsmanship and a positive attitude towards team mates and opponents.We will understand the importance of having roles within a team and that patience and communication are essential in all games.


Year 5 will be studying the world. We will explore the physical geography of the globe. We will investigate it’s features and navigate utilising skills such as reading latitude and longitude, understanding time zones and compass directions. We will also explore the human impact on the environment and research some famous explorers.






We will continue to have weekly guitar lessons on Wednesday afternoons..